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Service Design meets Gamification

17.10.2019 Pärnu

Why Playday?

Why Playday?

On 17 October, the second gamification and service design conference, Playday 2019, will be held in Pärnu!

This year’s subtopic is COMMUNITIES – people who are connected by communal activities, similar values, a way of life, and history, for example. Playday examines the different aspects of communities in entrepreneurship – community as clients, a team, or partners. The atmosphere will be 110% inspirational!

The conference will help businesses to develop their services and products using the principles of gamification and service design, by introducing earlier success stories, and giving specific tips for ushering in a new era.
On the main stage, distinguished experts such as Nortal, Triumf, Health and Memoris share their experience.
In addition, we will get a sense of how communities work in the animal kingdom and what business they really do in there – the ever-excellent Aleksei Turovski will step on stage.

The conference’s workshops provide practical tips:
* Little-known tricks for a successful advertising campaign
* Does every business need to have a YouTube channel and who needs it anyway?
* Community as a team, how a team becomes a brand ambassador
* How to design value
* User experience of a service – how to affect it positively 

Who do we expect to participate?
* Leaders and owners of businesses who want to broaden their horizons, gather inspiration, and make their business operate in a more effective and lucrative way.
* Heads of human resources, marketing managers, and development specialists – to take good ideas and useful concepts with them and share them with their boss at work.
* IT analysts, project managers – to discover new and innovative ways to find the best solutions for clients’ problems.

Playday 2019 comes to life as a result of collaboration between the Pärnu City Council, University of Tartu Pärnu College, and the Development Centre of Pärnu County.

New developments do not happen overnight – only if we understand them and learn from others are we a step closer to them. Take part in PlayDay and see you in Pärnu!


Get to know your customers of Tomorrow - Playday 2019


Playday WARM UP / 16. October

Playday WARM-UP, or a discussion with prominent guests at dinner
‘Traditional ads do not work – but what does?’

Is traditional advertising completely being replaced by casual product placement in TV shows, on social media, on television, and with the onslaught of influencers?
* Which trends influence advertising and marketing?
* Which communication channels actually influence consumer behaviour?
* If you are a small business owner, is it even possible for your products/services to be visible among the big players?
* How has Pärnu’s destination marketing ended up in a TV show, movie, and song for free – could a (small) business owner achieve that with their products/services?
* How ready are we to let famous film-makers go about in our country, city, back yard, home…?
All of these hot topics will be discussed at our WONDERFUL DINNER.

An evening of conversation and dinner
16 October 2019 at 7 p.m. @restaurant Raimond / Hedon SPA & Hotel
Moderated by Urmas Vaino

Legendary advertising guru Olav Osolin; Andres Jõesaar, media researcher and docent of media politics; Sari Sopanen, head of Hedon SPA & Hotel; Rainer Tops, the official representative of Nike in the Baltics (CEO of AS Jalajälg); and Pärnu deputy mayor Rainer Aavik, destination branding spokesperson, will participate in the conversation.


Playday CONFERENCE / 17. October

Make acquaintance with meet-up area

Kai Isand / Garage48, Latitute59, startups&tech

Helen Job / Future Vision Consultant & Global Brand Strategist (UK)

An introduction to Trend Forecasting

Thanks to instant and global access to information online, consumers are more exposed to changes in culture and a more diverse range of influences than ever before. Now change is the only constant. Humans are facing unprecedented revolutions. There are no clear solutions and we must accept that we live with uncertainty. We must develop coping methods for the future/or futures and learn the skill of reinvention.

Brands and organisations must understand the need for agility, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication and this is where this workshop will help you feel more prepared. 

Playday AFTER WORK @APTEK / 17. October

7 p.m. Healing and refreshments so you could pass your competitors with new energy and at great speed starting tomorrow.

Playday WORKSHOP / 18. October

Design Games – game as design method
18 October 2019 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. @Estonia Conference Centre

You arrive asking – wow, a gaming workshop, how could I make use of that in my team? And why should I? You leave with an operational guide and ideas about how to create games in your organisation in collaboration between clients and team members. And all of that, of course, to maximise the value proposition of your services.

9–9.30 a.m. – Gathering and morning coffee
9.30–11 a.m. The value and mechanisms of games – simulations and serious play: why and how can games be used to analyse the behaviour of different interest groups? The stages of creating a game. Testing games – why are some games good and some not so much…?
11–11.15 a.m. Stretch break
11.15 a.m. – 12.45 p.m. Group work: creating the basic concept for a game. Energy break, coffee, snacks.
12.45–1.45 p.m. Seminar: listening to and discussing the game concepts created in different teams

Instructor: Gerda Mihhailova / University of Tartu lecturer and coach whose main fields are human resource management and service design. For the last ten years, she has been busy with introducing and developing service design as a methodology through workshops and consultations.

Places are limited!

Maximum number of participants: 30 people.