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Service Design meets Gamification

18.10.2018 Pärnu

Why Pärnu?

Playday 2018

Why Pärnu?


Deputy mayor
of Pärnu

Rainer Aavik

Ask anyone what Pärnu means to them, and many will say the summer, sun and spas. After all, Pärnu is Estonia’s second most popular tourist destination, although there is actually much more in Pärnu. Many successful industrial companies operate in Pärnu. You can acquire a degree in design at Pärnu College. And many top firms in the IT field are located in Pärnu. This autumn we would like to invite you all to PlayDay 2018, Estonia’s first event devoted to gamification and service design. The objective of the conference, which will take place in October, is to help companies develop their own services and products using various IT solutions and gamification principles by discussing current success stories. Pärnu is ready for a new challenge.

See you at PlayDay!

Why Playday?

Why Playday?

On October 18th, Pärnu will organise Estonia’s first gamification and service design conference – PlayDay 2018!
The conference will help companies develop their products and services by utilising the principles of gamification and service design, by discussing current success stories and providing concrete guidelines for the new era.
On the main stage, such respected companies as Tallink, Apollo and Swedbank will share their experiences.

The conference workshops will provide practical advice:
How to implement gamification in commerce and tourism.
What is omnichannel loyalty and why everyone should pay attention to it.
How to design a service for someone other than yourself.
How to measure job happiness and how to help employees enjoy their work.
How to create a healthier and more trusting work environment.


Who is invited to attend?
Company managers and business owners that wish to expand their horizons and gather inspiration. Ones that want to make their companies more effective and profitable. As well as human resources managers, marketing managers, and developers that want to take away ideas and practical solutions to share with their bosses. And IT analysts and project managers, who want to discover new innovative ways of finding the best solutions for their customers’ worries.
PlayDay 2018 is being organised in cooperation with the Pärnu City Government, University of Tartu Pärnu College, Pärnu County Development Centre and Forwardspace.

New developments cannot be implemented overnight, but by understanding them and learning from others, we can take a big step forward – come to PlayDay and see you in Pärnu!


Get to know your customers of Tomorrow- Playday 2018


After work @Tempel 19:00

Alyona Stadnik, Journalist of Äripäev
Stand-up comedians and DJ